Moss Spraying

Dealing with moss and discoloration of roofs is a constant problem in this area of the world. We recommend spraying with a product which is strong enough to kill moss and algae, but not damaging to the roofing or the rest of the building and landscaping. After a lot of research, I’ve decided most cleansers fail on most of these requirements. Have a look at this comparison chart from one product distributor for starters…

We can actually apply the “Spray and Forget” material to smaller sections of your roof, returning the shingles to their (nearly) new bright clean look. For many roofs though, the entire roof will need to be treated…and in this case we have partnered with an excellent company that does the best job applying and guaranteeing a truly safe and effective moss and algae treatment. Please call and we will assess your roof and if required, refer you to these roof spraying experts.

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